The makesense academy is a 9-month free and customized program providing training, coaching, and material support, to early stage social startups building sustainable communities.



access to a range of training to develop innovation and entrepreneurial skills

access to the social entrepreneurship scene and potential partners to prototype and develop your solution


customized coaching from our pool of mentors to build the foundations of your social startup


monthly allowances for a mind freed of all concerns


access to a free coworking space


support from makesense Philippines community

_What are the criteria to apply?


a first prototype or, at least, a very clear idea of a social startup


based or ready to be in Manila for the 9-month incubation program

work at least 2/3 of your time on the development of your solution

_What kind of projects do we support?

makesense supports innovators building sustainable communities:


access to health


access to education


livelihood opportunities


waste management 


sustainable agriculture and food security


sustainable energy

_Apply and join our next batch of social innovators!