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The Shift to Sustainable Tourism

With the influx of tourist arriving in the Philippines yearly, the evidence of environmental degradation becomes more and more evident. Take for example the case of Boracay island–an island that was once so rich with vegetation and marine life, clean powder-like sand, and crystal clear waters.

Fast forward to 2018–the closing of what was once called one of the best islands in the globe–and we see just how good old fashioned tourism negatively affects not only the environment, but local communities as well.

We now need to push for better ways to accommodate tourists, while protecting the environment; and so, we’ve made a list of some of the most notable organizations that are making the push for a more sustainable kind of tourism.

3 social enterprises enabling you to travel in a more sustainable way!


FairTrip’s goal is to create a global community to help travelers find local and authentic places that allow them to live special and unforgettable travel experiences while at the same time having a positive impact on the visited place.

They reference nearly 2,000 businesses or NGOs involved in the social economy, social inclusion, or short food supply chains, to promote fair and sustainable tourism!

MAD Travel

We’re a social enterprise that works with marginalized communities in the Philippines to create fun, authentic, and meaningful travel experiences through sustainable social tourism!

Muni Trips to Negros

MUNI exists to create a healthy, sustainable, waste-free world by building a community of cause-driven creatives through meaningful events and experiences that change how we shop, eat, travel and do business. It began as a grassroots movement in November 2012, creating digital content and community meetups about social enterprises, minimizing waste, responsible travel and so on.

Last March 9-14, 2018, they organized a transformative sustainable tourism trip to Negros Occidental to show that living a more environmentally conscious life is possible and more meaningful.

5 sustainable destinations that will make your vacations exceptional

Circle Hostel

The Circle Hostel is a chain of budget friendly eco-hostels in the Philippines. They like to say that #ThereAreNoStrangers within their hostel walls.

They’ve created a space that allows guests to meet and mingle while also allowing them to take a step back and get lost in their own thoughts. They are a sanctuary for the artsy as well as the adventurous and encourage their guests to express themselves amongst each other and on our walls.

Danjugan Island

The island is 1.5 kilometers long and 0.5 kilometers at its widest point, has 5 lagoons and is covered with limestone forests providing asylum to many wildlife species that struggle to exist in the mainland. 

What once used to be a threatened and over-fished area is now a protected sanctuary with a dazzling array of marine and terrestrial life. Today, the island serves as an outdoor classroom for students, a research area for conservationists, and a haven for tourists eager to experience nature at its purest.

The Suncrew Siargao

They are a charity, surf school and environmental organisation, based in Siargao Island, Philippines where they provide surf lessons and board use to the children of Siargao in exchange for their participation in our education, sustainability and skills programs.

They are working to alleviate poverty and create sustainable island communities.

Mount Purro Nature Reserve

Mt. Purro Nature Reserve is a family-run eco-park, tucked away in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, near Metro Manila.  It is a simple yet distinct sustainable travel destination. It supports the nearby indigenous people communities by providing education and livelihood opportunities.

Keep Hope Alive – treck in Mindoro to help the indigenous communities! 

Get inspired, refreshed and empowered to travel and give something back in one inspiring trip to Mindoro!  Be enchanted with the rich culture that will return ten fold on what you give when you volunteer! Learn Surat Mangyan & native tribal phrases whilst you play and learn with kids. Voluntourista is one of the projects/initiatives of the NGO Keep Hope Alive. 

Joco Amante – Events and Communications Leader