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Haven’t heard of a Sensecamp?

A Sensecamp is a big yearly gathering of advocates, citizen ambassadors, volunteers, and interested individuals to come together and learn from one another, create connections, and most importantly, to have fun (sustainably)!

It is organized by makesense ambassadors and held across different regions of the world. This year, the Asia Sensecamp will be held at Cebu City, Philippines – for more details on the 2019 Camp, check out the end of this article.

Because you will be meeting and gathering with a variety of cool people from your country and region, we’ve outlined some of the personalities you will surely share the weekend with, whom you’ll certainly learn from!


1. The Expert

The expert naturally knows his or her stuff. Questions on hydroponics maybe? Clarifications on some vague environmental issue? They are the go-to for these kinds of queries. The cool thing is, most of the people in the Sensecamp have some level of expertise they carry with them on a variety of topics, so you won’t get tired of picking your fellow attendees’ brains.


  1. 2. The Organizer

The organizers are the ones who put together the entire weekend for you! From your stellar (and cheap!) accommodations, to making sure the food choices are sustainable, they made sure all of this is possible. The organizers are the best people to approach for any questions about the program, the venue, or the camp itself. They are also golden nuggets when it comes to event organizing! Want any tips on how to organize the next Sensecamp or a makesense workshop? Don’t hesitate to ask them!


  1. 3. The Games Master

From initial ice breakers to warm ups, this person has an entire list of games and fun activities in his or her back pocket! You will see them leading all of the ice breaking and thinking if they’re professionally trained to facilitate them (sometimes they actually are)!


  1. 4. The Power Connector

Oh, you want to meet someone working on Sustainable Tourism? Maybe someone who is an Impact Investor? Don’t worry, this person’s got you! “Come with me” is his or her magic word, and voila! You will magically be introduced to the person you were interested in. Don’t forget to exchange business cards!


  1. 5. Cool Social Entrepreneurs

We always have some really awesome social entrepreneurs join the Sensecamp, whose main purpose is to meet exciting people who want to be part of their communities and to learn from the attendees themselves! If you’re a social entrepreneur yourself, make sure to join us! A lot of great connections and prototype communities have been sparked in Sensecamps!


  1. 6. Aspiring Changemakers

Maybe you haven’t dabbled in the world of social innovation for all too long, and maybe you’re even a little hesitant to do so! Don’t you worry, you are definitely not alone. There are other campers who are just like you, some young students who are still preoccupied with senior high school classes or professionals with full-time corporate jobs. Regardless of where you are coming from, if your goal is to learn how to create concrete impact for the world, the Sensecamp is the right place for you! Not only will you learn what makesense does globally, we’ll also guide you in your journey to becoming a changemaker!


Maybe you find yourself identifying with one or two personalities in our list? Regardless, we assure you that you will be sharing the camp with valuable people!


Sensecamp 2019: Agro-tourism will be held on August 23-25, 2019 at the Formosa Camp Resort, Tuburan, Cebu City. If you’re ready to join us on this adventure, don’t hesitate to check out the full details and register for the camp here