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We’ve been working with a lot of early-stage social enterprises over the past couple of years, and one of the things we’ve noticed is that a lot of them are unable to properly scale their business and impact because of the lack of a well-rounded team.

Throughout the years, we’ve also noticed that a lot of citizens want to venture into the world of social entrepreneurship, but a lot of them don’t know where to begin.

With these insights in mind, we decided to create a one-of-a-kind networking event designed to connect early-stage social enterprises with talented, passionate citizens to join their founding team! That’s what led us to create our Better Together networking event.

We’ve carefully hand-picked 7 amazing, early-stage social enterprises to present at our event. Learn more about what they do! You might find your future social enterprise in this article. 😉



Masahealthy wants to solve the problem of nutrient deficiency in the Filipino workforce. They noticed that a lot of employees (especially people working in the BPO industry) have little to no access to affordable, healthy meals, which has lead to increasing rates of people with diabetes, hypertension, and other preventable illnesses. And so, they’ve been setting up EXTREMELY affordable corporate cafeterias offering healthy food options that have been approved by doctors and nutritionists.

They currently partner with GK communities to help them prepare for all their food orders. In the future, they have plans of partnering with local farmers to source their raw materials.


InPHinite Loop

InPHinite Loop wants to solve the problem of plastic waste here in the Philippines. The founders were greatly affected by the news about the Philippines being the 3rd largest contributor to ocean plastic, and that’s what led to the creation of their social enterprise. InPHinite Loop aims to upcycle plastic waste into beautiful everyday products.

They also want to address the lack of liveable wages for the urban poor in the country by training and employing them to collect plastic and produce beautifully made products.



Trakaro wants raise more awareness for sustainable tourism by creating a platform where people can see and compare establishments that are genuinely doing their part to conserve the environment and empower the local community. They are the first online sustainability rating platform for hotels and restaurants that uses a proprietary technology called Fylla Algorithm. Through Trakaro, travelers can look for sustainable establishments, contact them and book their services.

They’ve gained significant traction in the past couple of months, and they’re only going to get bigger and better!


Old Manila Eco-Market

Old Manila Ecomarket wants to transform sari-sari stores into zero-waste stores. The founders of the social enterprise see that sustainable lifestyles have, for the most part, been a luxury reserved only for the elite. And so, they’ve been partnering with sari-sari stores in the walled-city of Intramuros to start offering refilling stations for everyday household products. Their social enterprise not only cuts the amount of plastic waste being generated in their partner communities, but also increases the income of their partner sari-sari stores.


Forth Co

Forth Co wants to advocate more and more people to shift towards sustainable fashion lifestyles. Fast fashion has been particularly bad for the environment, as the pressure to reduce cost and the time it takes to get a product from design to shop floor means that environmental corners are more likely to be cut.  And so, the founders are creating an online marketplace supporting brands with ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes.



Greenelas offers green slippers made from unprocessed abacà “bakbak”, or dried abacà leaf sheaths. What’s unique about this social enterprise is that they focus a lot on B2B sales, instead of the usual B2C sales. They want to reduce the waste produced by the hospitality industry by selling green, compostable slippers to spas, hotels, and resorts!


ListenHere is dedicated to eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health in the Philippine through creating awareness, community, and connection. They have trained volunteers who are available to talk via an instant chat on their website, www.listenhere.app, as well as community ambassadors throughout the Philippines who host in-person events and workshops about all things related to mental health. They also connect individuals with licensed mental health providers that are able to meet virtually, via chat, or over the phone.

They are building an accessible, inclusive, and holistic support system for people with mental health!