Written by philippines

Located in the quaint town of Tuburan, Formosa Camp Resort was our venue partner for Sensecamp 2019 and we are super grateful to have had the opportunity to stay in their beach-side villa! 

The main house is clean and spacious, with high ceilings in the living area and many family rooms that could accommodate the 35 gangsters that were staying for the weekend.

Most of the activities of Sensecamp were held at their function room located not far from the main house. There’s an air conditioned room that served as a plenary hall for all the gangsters and local Tuburan officials that participated in the program.

Mr. Rey Lomarda of GreenMinds Inc. talked about the GreenMinds agro-tourism experience and shared about his experience in working with educating farmers on best farming practices. He also runs his own sustainable farm where he made sure to plant all the vegetables in the lyrics of the folk song Bahay Kubo in the hopes that children in the future will not only know the song but will also recognize the vegetables that the song is singing about.

Dr. Glena Asis-Dimpas of DOT Region 7 then shared to us Department of Tourism’s various programs assisting farms that are either wanting to become an educational site, a site where guests can stay in or both. She also shared the criteria the farms that DOT supports had to meet to be accredited and supported by the DOT (funding and marketing, among other things) so that we can have ideas for the HoldUp we wanted to do for the Tuburan Coffee Farm in the last day of the camp.

After the main plenary talks, we had breakout sessions for the different topics gangsters wanted to discuss in small groups. One group stayed in the function room, another went in the main house’s living area and the last group decided to stay in the open-air patio right outside the function room facing the sea.

In the evening, we were treated to a hearty dinner and karaoke by the Tuburan Vice-Mayor, Hon. Aljun Diamante. Formosa Camp Resort’s open courtyard, ambient lighting and pool was a great place to do the closing of the first day of Sensecamp. The  gangsters who chose to turn in early after an exhausting day of networking and touring the Tuburan Coffee Farm were serenaded by their friends with Halik by Aegis and YMCA by The Village People.

On the last day of Sensecamp 2019, we culminated at the function hall again to give back. The HoldUp for Tuburan Coffee Farm was held in the same function room as before only this time decked out with manila papers, post-its and writing materials.

The problem statement was “How might we create an effective sustainable tourism program for the Tuburan Coffee Farm as it is right now?” and our gangsters got to work.

We came up with three unique solutions that we presented to the local government of Tuburan and to the staff of the Tuburan Coffee Farm that they were then able to take away and hopefully implement in their farm.

Formosa Camp Resort was a great host to us, with their spacious rooms, clean and accessible amenities and beachside view, they were the perfect place to help us relax, get to know other gangsters and most importantly connect with the local LGU and working with them in creating a sustainable tourism program for their farm.

Thank you Formosa Camp Resort! Until next time! 😊