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Our gangsters Ashley, BJ, and our other Cebu ambassadors share their amazing experience in Tuburan Coffee Farm from Sensecamp 2019.

Last year, we decided on the theme of “Agro-Tourism” for Sensecamp 2019, and we were so happy to have Tuburan Coffee Farm as one of the first organizations that agreed to partner with us. The farm is located in Tuburan, Cebu and is not yet open for commercial trips. Those interested to explore the farm have to arrange an appointment through their facebook page or contact (+63)9338179370 so a guided tour and transportation to the farm can be arranged.

The generous Tuburan local government not only participated in our morning Sensecamp sessions at the event venue, but they also made sure we got to the farm safely and in style. With three pickup trucks, we were all ferried to the hilltop where the coffee farm was located.

En route to the coffee farm, we traveled through and around rolling hills and just before we reached the hill where the farm was located, we took a quick stop at a beautiful hilltop where the local government was planning to set up a cafe with a viewing deck so guests can enjoy not only Tuburan Coffee-based products but also enjoy the nature surrounding them.

After a few more minutes of traveling, we finally reached the coffee farm. The first sight that greeted us was their sapling farm; there, a fertile mother shrub produces a number of seeds that they carefully extract and plant so that they can grow more coffee shrubs.

Leading us up a smaller hill where they have their in-farm display center, the coffee farm staff served us local Filipino delicacies that paired beautifully with the Tuburan coffee! Their coffee has a delightfully light and fruity taste to it – definitely recommended.

After enjoying our filling locally-made snacks, we were brought outside to experience the coffee-making process explained by Vice Mayor Aljun Diamante himself! He explained the process with pride for what the Tuburanons have achieved in setting up the farm and creating a new avenue of livelihood for the locals, while also sharing the challenges they faced in making the farm and its operation sustainable.

From planting to milling to roasting, the whole process is done at the farm. The staff at the farm are the local Tuburanons that live around the area, and even the local businesses in the municipality center are patrons of the coffee farm’s products.

We found out only later in the day that the catering service that we booked for the camp served us the final product, Tuburan Coffee, for breakfast that morning. No wonder we all thought the coffee was particularly good!

After the demo by Vice Mayor Aljun, we explored the farm freely. Some gangsters watched beekeepers work in the small bee farm and some of us were invited by the vice mayor to help some of the staff pick coffee cherries in preparation for processing the next day.

It’s safe to say that we thoroughly enjoyed our tour of the farm. We learned not only the process of coffee-making but also about the local customs and hospitality expressed by the people of Tuburan, Cebu.

Thank you, Tuburan Coffee Farm and the Local Government of the Municipality of Tuburan for partnering with us for Sensecamp 2019 and allowing us to gain better insights on the challenges faced by organizations wanting to pursue agro-tourism projects in Cebu.

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