Written by philippines

On #COVID19, empathy, and why our health and well-being ultimately depend on others’ as well ♥️

1. COVID-19 is awful enough; inequality makes it worse

Remember the crewmates aboard the quarantined luxury ship The Diamond Princess? Without the privilege to self-isolate, they had to sleep at the bottom of the decks, sharing small rooms and working up to 13 hours. Explains how the COVID-19 positive results jumped from 10 to 696.

While some people can afford to WFH and binge-watch on Netflix all day, let’s think about the Filipino working class who can’t afford this break, who don’t have access to basic security measures like face masks. These are our neighbors, and we need to do more for them.

2. Support small businesses!

Washing your hands isn’t the only thing you can do to proactively help! This possible recession will hit local businesses the hardest; consider supporting their goods versus big corporations who will most likely survive. 

 Buying digital products isn’t the only way to advocate for local goods either! Send a referral, share shops you love online, or even bookmark things for the future – all these actions help!

3. Protect yourself by disposing your mask correctly

Everything is linked, especially health and the environment. Already, people are noticing a massive amount of face masks on beaches and forests, and are we really protecting ourselves if we are creating more plastic pollution? 

 If you do not have special garbage bins to collect face masks, you may spray disinfectant on both sides of the mask and dispose it in a sealed bag.

4. Individual action matters

Let’s go back to the basics! Practicing proper hygiene and keeping yourself informed is already a big contribution.

5. We are all connected

 Finally – don’t be a jerk! Remember that your safety depends on others’ wellbeing as well. Let’s practice common decency and kindness (and don’t hoard those supplies, okay?) #SpreadSenseNotCorona