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Written by John Leonard Avenido, Cybel Tantay, Marianne Laciste, Paul John Toral 

Editor: Debie Bolhano

Like most people, sometimes it may be hard to wake up early in the morning, but knowing that we must push forward and keep on going if we want to see change can spur us forward. Because change starts with ourselves, and it starts the first thing in the morning – the moment you open your eyes. So, if we want to build a better and sustainable Cebu, we need to start by waking up. 

Here is a poem written by one of our Cebu ambassadors, Bel Tantay

Nakamata ako sa tugaok sa manok sa sayo sa kabuntagon

I woke up to the chicken crowing in the early morning

Nakapanghupaw ako sa kadali sa dagan sa panahon

I took a deep breathe, thinking about how fast time flies

Ang bidlisiw ang nagsilbing kahayag nga ni aninag sa mata nga nag duka pa

The rays of the sun serve as the light that strikes in my sleepy eyes

Ako nakapangutana, kanus’a pa kaha mabaton ang kahayahay sa akong kaugmaon?

Then I ask myself, when will I achieve the luxury of life that tomorrow offers?

Daw walay gana man gani sa pagbangon apan kinahanglan pugson

Even though I have no drive to get up I should force myself

Kay lisod ang panginabuhi karon.

Because life is hard.

Sa ilalom sa kaugalingon ako naghandom 

Beneath the self, I hope

nga adunay umaabot nga kausaban,

that there is change that will come,

Kausaban nga makatabang sa kabug’at sa abaga nga gipas’an sa katawhan.

change that would alleviate the burden that everyone carries in their shoulders.

Ang kabagohan nga mag sugod sa tanan

The change that starts in everyone

Magsugod sa akong pagbangon sa sayo nga kabuntagon.

Starts with waking up early in the morning.

 Last 15 February 2020, the Youth for Sustainable Cities – Cebu Ambassadors from MakeSense Philippines facilitated Sensefiction, a creativity workshop with a twofold purpose: to inspire and enable people to take action. It was held at The Company Cebu, Mandaue with the theme “Welcoming the Future with Sustainable Development: Building a Better 2020 Cebu

To allow participants to play a constructive role as social entrepreneurs, they need to be equipped with proper tools. This includes the introduction of the methodologies and step-by-step guidance from issue analysis, brainstorming, solution conceptualization & storyboard creation to pitch preparation. With these, the participants were able to make three solutions: Suknowg, Bamtic Structures, Tubig Solusyon Co.,


Members: Lyle, Tina, and Kim  

The team was concerned about the rising casualties and damages of fire incidents in Cebu. For this reason, they were able to come up with Suknowg, a smoke detector system that includes automatic messaging that aims to inform subscribers of fire incidents near their area. It will be in the form of a unit installed in a household that will be connected to the nearest fire station. If the unit detected a certain amount of smoke, the fire station and the households will be notified of the possible fire in a specific area.

SECOND GROUP: Bamtic Structures

Members: Alvincent Gonzaga, Nikolai Cabrera, Arthur Bagalacsa

The vision of the group is to use bamboo as an alternative construction material because it is a sustainable and renewable resource as it captures huge amounts of carbon dioxide which they generate and convert into oxygen.

Bamboo is a fast growing tree that does not need to be clear-cut and replanted because only the mature stems are harvested while younger stems are left untouched to develop, making it readily available. With this, the group created Bamtic Structures that would be an enterprise that aims to make precasted eco-panels and blocks made up of bamboo and upcycled plastics through admixing. In addition, it is less rigid and flexible. Applicable to nipa huts, pavilions, panels in walls, floorings and ceilings, the material can also lessen the impact of earthquakes.

THIRD GROUP: Tubig Solusyon Co.

Members: Peter, Thea, and Raphael

Flooding has been one of the common problems hindering the productivity of the people in Cebu. It prevents them from going to school, hinders economic and development growth, and robs people livelihoods and even lives. Tubig Solusyon Co. has a three-fold purpose; first, it provides a rainwater drainage system for basic households. Second, it provides a strainer, an innovation made from detachable aluminum that can be used as an alternative to concrete gutters where food wastes will be filtered out and let the floodwater go through the drainage system. Third, it can tap the communities and local government units to provide many trash bins in the community to avoid litter clogs that cause flooding.

With these created solutions, the social entrepreneurs are hoping to collaborate with people, companies, agencies and organizations to strengthen their idea into a fully fledged sustainable enterprises.