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For partnerships and social innovation queries,
Lea, Asia Activities Head & Philippines Country Director
✉️ leak@makesense.org

For partnerships and program development queries
Carlos, Strategic Partnerships

✉️ carlos@makesense.org

For Makesense Academy or incubation program queries, please contact
Angeli, Senior Incubation Manager
✉️ angeli@makesense.org

For queries on the makesense Academy programs, please contact
Sheima, Social Innovation Manager
✉️ sheima@makesense.org

For community development, volunteering, and workshops, please contact
Pepper, Asia Community Developer
✉️ patricia@makesense.org

For questions about the re_action program, please contact
Izzy, Community Development Officer
✉️ izzy@makesense.org

For queries on our online incubation programs, please contact
Joco, Social Innovation Manager

✉️ joshua@makesense.org

For communication partnerships, please contact
Andy, Communications Manager
✉️ andrea@makesense.org

For event queries & communications concerns, please contact
Ysa, Communications Officer
✉️ ysabel@makesense.org

For social media & marketing concerns, please contact
Char, Communications Officer
✉️ charlene@makesense.org

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