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The Makesense Academy is where great big ideas take shape 💡

We believe anybody can start the journey to become a social innovator –
they just need a map.

There are no shortcuts to success, only great strategies. With our academy experts, tailored mentorship, and community-movement approach, we’ll guide you through the mountain so you can create real lasting change that can impact the world
without any cost

Who can join?

Social innovators come in different shapes and sizes.

From social entrepreneurs to intrapreneurs to community movements and non-profit initiatives, we provide the right tools and resources needed for anyone looking to build the foundations of their solutions! Regardless of background, gender, and field, you are invited to join a dynamic and diverse community of changemakers in our 100% online and free program.  So you can learn and grow, wherever you are.

At the Academy, we welcome solutions of all kinds.
Here are some examples of big, out-of-the box ideas we’ve accelerated:


Was a movement of creative volunteers for COVID frontliners



Was the first local-made menstrual cup in the entire Philippines! They were incubated back in 2019 as part of Batch 2



Is the first urban planning coalition in the Philippines! And was recently incubated last year!


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