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Stories from the Road: Cebu
February 28, 2020

Sensecamp 2019 Eco-trip: Tuburan Coffee Farm

Our gangsters Ashley, BJ, and our other Cebu ambassadors share their amazing experience in Tuburan Coffee Farm from Sensecamp 2019. Last year, we decided on the theme of “Agro-Tourism” for...


Sensecamp 2019 at Formosa Camp Resort

Located in the quaint town of Tuburan, Formosa Camp Resort was our venue partner for Sensecamp 2019 and we are super grateful to have had the opportunity to stay in...


Join the founding team of these 7 amazing social enterprises!

We’ve been working with a lot of early-stage social enterprises over the past couple of years, and one of the things we’ve noticed is that a lot of them are...


The 6 People You Meet in A Sensecamp

Haven’t heard of a Sensecamp? A Sensecamp is a big yearly gathering of advocates, citizen ambassadors, volunteers, and interested individuals to come together and learn from one another, create connections,...


MKS Philippines Highlights: The Adventure Continues!

We started makesense in the Philippines 4 years ago, and since then the community has grown, social enterprises have been raised, and beautiful impact stories emerged. The road to sustainable...


Environmentally Sustainable Travel Tips

With the vacation leaves, Christmas breaks, and family reunions all lined up and ready to go, everyone is raring to go out and travel with their friends, family, and loved...

Post June 18, 2019

Sustainable Tourism: Who’s doing what?

The Shift to Sustainable Tourism With the influx of tourist arriving in the Philippines yearly, the evidence of environmental degradation becomes more and more evident. Take for example the case...