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We help some of the biggest companies and organizations scale their impact and participate more in the space of social innovation.

our expertise

social innovation

We offer social innovation and design thinking workshops & hackathons, community development, enterprise creation and incubation

organizational development

We transform the organizational culture and skills of your team through social innovation, design thinking, and intrapreneurship trainings and workshops.

public relations

We position your company/organization in the social innovation eco-system by enabling multi-sectoral collaborations and socio-environmental campaigns.

our services

We offer trainings on social innovation and design thinking to enable your employees to conceptualize more impactful, inclusive, and sustainable projects.

We incubate social enterprises that are aligned with your company/organization’s advocacies.

We run design thinking workshops to help you brainstorm solutions solving internal and external challenges.

We co-orgnanize and support civic engagement campaigns through the help of makesense’s extensive network of volunteers and ambassadors.

We design and facilitate 1-2 day hackathons to support the creation of social innovations.

We organize a series of in-person trainings, workshops, and mentorship opportunities to help entrepreneurs launch their business ideas off the ground.

We support entrepreneurs prototype their ideas by offering online content, trainings, and mentorships.

we’ve worked with

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