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Our Incubation Program

Our intensive 6-month  incubation program is designed for early-stage social innovators to pilot their projects off the ground to maximize their impact! 

The program provides incubates tailored training, group calls, and one-on-one mentoring, as well as additional support and resources they need to grow and change their communities for the better.

Meet 2020’s Batch of Social Startups

With our dedication to being more inclusive and diverse, the academy developed a curriculum and an environment that is suited to the needs of innovators, regardless of background, gender, and field. And in order to foster projects from a variety of socio-environmental issues, this program also provides monthly allowances to our incubates.

So that by the end of the program, graduates will have successfully built the foundations of their projects and acquired visibility through collective thinking, mentorship, and access to networks!

Mentorship and Customised Coaching

Training and Workshops

Office Space

Monthly Allowances

BATCH 3 of social startups

BATCH 1 & 2
past social startups we’ve incubated

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