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Call for Solutions: 1 Week Left



At Makesense, our specialty is to help you turn great ideas into concrete impact, no matter how advanced you are in your change maker’s journey.


If you have found your way here, it can only mean two things: 1) you have an idea, and 2) you’re ready to act on it to change the world for the better.


By joining this program, you will also get the chance to connect with a diverse group of change-makers, all passionate about social and environmental issues!


Social innovators come in different shapes! You can be a social entrepreneur, intrapreneur, socioenvironmental activist; student/community organizer!

Here are some examples of big ideas we’ve helped grow in our program

Climate & Housing


Is the first urban planning coalition in the Philippines!  They were recently incubated last year as part of Batch 3


Gender & Reproductive Health


Was the first local-made menstrual cup in the entire Philippines! They were incubated back in 2019 as part of Batch 2


Creatives For a Cause


Was a movement of creative volunteers for COVID frontliners



Learn the fundamentals of building a sustainable solution

Receive weekly trainings and home exercises

One-on-one mentoring with experienced coaches

Chance to secure a spot in our 6-month incubation program

Our Call For Solutions Sprint Applications are now closed!

_Frequently Asked Questions

What program am I signing up for and when is it happening?


You are signing up for The Makesense Academy. It starts with a four-week online Sprint, to turn your idea into a concrete solution. From the 15-20 teams who will be in the online Sprint, we will be selecting 4-5 teams to be part of our six-month incubation program online where you will get customized and collective support to build the foundations of your solution.

Here’s the timeline:
February 26 to March 26 – Online Sprint
April 5 – Selection of the 4-5 startups who will be invited to join the 6-month program
April to October – 6-month Incubation Program

This year, we are making our program more inclusive and impactful by accepting applications from every type of social innovator. Whether you are a social entrepreneur, an intrapreneur, a community leader, or a student working on a project that can impact society for the better, you are invited to apply and turn your project into a reality!

Do I have to pay for the training program?


The makesense Academy is dedicated to remaining accessible, hence completely free! And for the program to be more accessible, we are doing this all completely online! What’s more, the teams that will be part of the 6-month incubation program will benefit from a monthly allowance from makesense for the duration of the program to help them focus on their social and environmental cause.

What can I expect from the program?


Our online Sprint is designed to help those with an idea but who are not sure what steps to take to turn it into an impactful and sustainable reality. Through our four-week curriculum, you will deep dive into the social or environmental issue you want to solve and construct a plan to meet your beneficiaries to make sure your solution is truly suited to their needs.

You will also get to test your solution’s relevance and attractiveness by building a prototype and testing it out in the market. As we will be accommodating different types of social innovators during this program, participants will receive different training resources and activities to complete, tailored to your journey. Let’s not forget the added benefit that you will be part of an online community of social innovators as soon as you join the online Sprint – this will be in the form of a dedicated Facebook group and weekly Group Calls!

This program will be the opportunity for you to design your solution and test its potential impact in the country, but also to discover whether or not social innovation is the right path for you. If you wish to pursue this journey and commit to launching your solution into the world, Makesense would be happy to help you.

Where will the program be held? What do I need to bring?


The program will be entirely held online (mostly on Zoom, to be precise) which means you can tune in from anywhere in the Philippines. The only thing you will need is a device and an internet connection. For the online Sprint, all the training and exercises will be sent to you every week via email.

What happens after the program?


The objective of the 6-month incubation program is to help you build the foundations of your social project. That means we will do our best to equip you with tools, knowledge, and network opportunities so that you can continue to scale your project as an independent team.

You will also be part of the makesense Academy Alumni, which means you will always be able to reach out to us – and fellow Alumni members – if you need help! In case you want to work with an accelerator once again, Makesense has partnerships in the social impact and startup ecosystem where you can continue to advance your projects further.

I have a question not included here. Who should I contact?


If something isn’t clear or you are not yet sure that you are a good fit for the program, you can reach out to our Incubation Manager, Sheima, at sheima@makesense.org !

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