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▶︎ Are the Health For All and Plastic SmartCities different?


Yes, they are two entirely different programs.

▶︎ What is a Hackathon?


Our Hackathon format is a design sprint that will enable participants to build an initial concept for a startup tackling a key challenge. 

In 48 hours, you’ll be able to:

  • – Meet potential co-founders
  • – Challenge existing ideas & design comprehensive concepts
  • – Support the creation of new ideas 

You’ll leave with:

  • – A first pitch of your project
  • – A 1-month action plan
  • – A team with whom you can develop your project and apply to the next step in the program

▶︎ What can I expect from the online coaching program?


Expect to learn essential entrepreneurial skills and how to prototype your concepts. You’ll get:

  • – Weekly newsletters offering access to online tools
  • – An online social group for entrepreneurs to support each other
  • – Weekly consultations with mentors

▶︎ When is the deadline to sign up for the call for projects?


The last day to sign-up for the program is December 15 at 11:59PM (UTC+8)

▶︎ When is the deadline to sign up for Hackathons?


Health For All Hackathon

  • The last day to sign-up for the hackathon is November 29 at 6:00PM (UTC+8)

Plastic SmartCities Hackathon

The last day to sign-up for the hackathon:

  • For Manila November 15 at 6:00PM (UTC+8)
  • For Davao City: November 22 at 6:00PM (UTC+8)

▶︎ Is the sign up for the Hackathon and the call for projects different?


Yes, the sign-up forms are different. If you have a developed solution and a first prototype you can go straight to the call for projects sign-up. But if you have no idea at all or have a rough concept that needs to be refined, we highly recommend taking part in the hackathon to develop your solution and make your application to the call for projects even more solid. 

▶︎ What criteria will you use to assess projects in the screening phase?


There are 3 main things we’ll be looking at:

  • – the project (identity, targeted issue, business model, pitch)
  • – the team (identity, motivation, involvement)
  • – the stage of development (actions done/to do, vision, expectations from the program)

▶︎ Where will the Hackathons in Manila be held?


The hackathon will be held at our office in Metro Manila. The full address is: 603, Fedman suites, 199 Salcedo, Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila.

▶︎ I have a full-time job, will I still be able to participate in the online coaching program?


We’ll conduct our coaching sessions on weekday evenings after work (around 7PM to 8:30PM). So if you’re available during that time and are willing to commit your evenings, then yes, you can still participate!

▶︎ Do I pay a participation or entrance fee to join the programs?


None at all – the program is completely free!

▶︎ Is there an age limit for both of the programs?


Nope, all our events are open to everyone!

▶︎ What is the maximum number of people in a team?


Ideally, it would be 5 people. However if your team exceeds that number, you can contact us directly and we will try to make arrangements.

▶︎ Will there be food and drinks during the Hackathon?


Yes, we provide free coffee, breakfast and lunch!

▶︎ What should I bring during the Hackathon?


We will take care of all the workshop materials, but we do recommend you bring your own laptop.

▶︎ What happens once the Hackathons are over?


Plastic SmartCities

To continue with the next steps of the competition, your team will have to sign up to the call for projects. We will select 10-13 projects based in Manila, and 1 or 2 projects from the Davao City hackathon – these teams will continue the program with the immersion bootcamp.

▶︎ What can I expect from the immersion bootcamp?


Plastic SmartCities

Through focus groups and interviews with LGUs, NGOs, experts and other players involved in plastic, the bootcamp will allow you to get an in-depth understanding of the issue you are tackling, plastic consumption habits of city inhabitants, difficulties faced by cities, the plastic waste life cycle

▶︎ I have a question not included here. Who can I contact?


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