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Health for all

Improving access to healthcare for disadvantaged communities

Do you want to be part of solving the nation’s health problems?

Health for All is an incubation program supporting the creation of entrepreneurial solutions addressing access to healthcare for disadvantaged communities in the Philippines. Whether you have an existing solution already or not, you’re welcome to join!

What’s in the program?

Selected projects will enter our sprint, which runs from July 6 to July 24!
After, you’ll also get the chance to participate in our hackathon, a design sprint that will enable participants to build an initial concept for a startup tackling a key challenge. In 48 hours, you’ll be able to:

        • ▶︎ Meet potential co-founders
    • ▶︎ Challenge existing ideas & design comprehensive concepts
    • ▶︎ Support the creation of new ideas

You’ll leave with:

  • ▶︎ A first pitch of your project
  • ▶︎ A 1-month action plan
  • ▶︎ A team with whom you can develop your project and apply to the next step in the program

Watch out for these series of hackathons!

▶︎  Weekend of July 18-19
▶︎  Weekday July 22-23

What can I get from joining?

You’ll be equipped with the tools to…

▶︎  Prototype and test your product

▶︎  Acquire your first proof of concept

▶︎  Launch or scale your project

▶︎  Build a network of experts, entrepreneurs, and citizens to help you out

And you’ll even get access to…

▶︎  makesense methodologies and frameworks for entrepreneurship

▶︎  Coaching and mentorship from experts

▶︎  Media exposure and a network of potential partners, advisers, and supporters

Do you have a first prototype of the solution ready?

The 5 Key Health Challenges:

By interviewing different actors in the field we’ve identified 5 key health challenges faced by the underprivileged when accessing healthcare. Each challenge is accompanied by a challenge statement further elaborating the issue to address.

Do you have a first prototype of the solution ready?

Want to learn more about our program? Check out our FAQs page!

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