On January 2018, in partnership with TechForGrowth Foundation and Gawad Kalinga, we gathered 80+ students from 5 universities, to imagine, conceptualize, and prototype IoT solutions tackling the challenges of local farmers. In only 48 hours, the teams came up with 8 social startup projects answering issues such as field productivity, poultry management, postharvest losses, and financial conditions of the farmers.

MakeSense, in partnership with Benilde HiFi, is now providing further support and training sessions to these teams, to help them develop and launch their social startup!

Watch the video below to meet the social entrepreneurs of tomorrow!

8 projects were born during the IoT hackathon:



A device that controls and adjusts the temperature of poultry houses, and detects the presence of dead chickens, to prevent illness and contamination of the other chickens.


Automated Feeder

A solution that calculates the Food Conversion Ratio (FCR) of swine breedings, measures the amount of feedsschedules feeding time, and automatically feeds the pigs.



A modular transportation facility that delivers farm produce, while ensuring product security and quality.



An online marketplace app that connects farmers with customers that want to buy fresh products.



A soil monitoring tool that provides informations wirelessly to farmers, motivating them to practice precise rotation of crops, reducing the salt in the soil.



A device that scans the land, suggests the best crops to be planted, and monitors the plantation, in order to maximize the yield potential of the land.


Farm Money

A platform that connects private lenders with farmers in need of financial support, and maintains lenders confidence thanks to reports.



A platform that funds the farmers in need of financial support, and buys their produce in order to sell it in the market.

MakeSense with TechForGrowth Foundation and Gawad Kalinga challenged 80 students to build innovative solutions to…

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