We are looking for the next generation of social innovators in the Philippines, are you ready to start your entrepreneurial journey?

A big step has already been taken by arriving here! It means that you have decided to change things and move them forward by building an impactful startup in the Philippines with the help of makesense Academy incubation program! 🔥

Makesense Academy Incubation Program is an equity free 6-month incubation program for early-stage social startup.

It’s a laboratory for changemakers that wants to kickstart impactful projects and bring them to the next level.

Here’s a little overview of how the Academy looks like!

We offer free customised mentorship, tailor-made workshops with the right experts, tools, and resources based on the entrepreneurs’ needs.

Discover the first 8 social startups that were supported by makesense Academy for first Batch here!

What are the criteria to apply for the program?

  • You have a first prototype or at least a very clear concept of a social startup that is impact-driven.
  • You are ready to be based in Manila for the 6-month incubation program.
  • You are committed to working at least 2/3 of your time of the development of your project.

What are the different steps to apply for the program?

  1. Download and read makesense Academy presentation: Academy Presentation
  2. Download the application form here: Application Form
  3. Read and answer all the questions on the downloaded file at your own pace. 
  4. Report all your answers on the online form (button “I WANT TO APPLY” below).
  5. THE FORM DOES NOT SAVE ANSWER SO MAKE SURE TO FILL EVERYTHING IN ONE RUN! Use the Word File (download link on 2.) to prepare your answers offline and report them after.

Application timeline

Is this for you?

  • You are an entrepreneur with an ambitious mindset that really wants to make things move forward.
  • You have an impactful idea or project that you want to turn into a successful social startup.
  • You are a pro-active changemaker that is ready and committed to start an intensive and demanding 6-month program for your project.

When I fill up the form, what happens next?

  1. If you are among the shortlisted projects, you will be contacted by makesense team for the next step of the selection process.
  2. Depending on your project maturity, you will either follow a 3-weeks online selection sprint (for idea stage projects) or an interview/Bootcamp process (for projects that are a little more mature).
  3. If your team and project reach this stage, it means that you are selected to be one of the projects to pitch in front of the final jury!
  4. Congratulation! The jury has selected you to be one of the lucky projects for makesense Academy Batch #2 Incubation Program!

Still hesitating? Take your chance and apply now by clicking on the link below!

Form closes on 11:59 PM, March 3, 2019.

For any questions, please email the Incubation Program Manager, Kevin at kevin@makesense.org.