We’re looking for more Makesense Ambassadors and Kickstarters! Are you up for it?

makesense brings together and supports engaged citizens, passionate entrepreneurs and forward-looking organizations to collectively tackle today’s social and environmental issues.

Makesense is present in the Philippines for 4 years now. Thanks to our community of 50 volunteers in 6 cities of the Philippines and our fulltime team based in Manila, we engaged in real life 3,000 people in social innovation activities, supported the creation of 50 social enterprises and accelerated the launching of 6 social enterprises.

We have Makesense Hotspots and Ambassadors in several cities around the Philippines, and now we are looking for more ambassadors to join existing local hotspots or to kickstart hotspots in other cities

You want to join an existing hotspot?

We currently have existing hotspots in the following cities around the Philippines: Metro Manila, Cebu, Baguio, Iloilo, Lipa, Cavite, and they are looking for more people to get involved! Each hotspot runs its own events, campaigns, and specific mobilizations through the creativity and proactivity of its ambassadors and volunteers.

Whether you are an environmentalist, a full-time marketing professional, a proactive student, or a curious and conscious citizen, you are welcome to join the community!

What’s in it for you? You are joining a vibrant and rich community that has already been established in your city! There are already existing ambassadors and volunteers which you can learn from, exchange with, and train with! Our existing hotspots have already organized events and campaigns from before, and you can add your input, expertise, and resources to create more positive social impact!

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You want to kickstart a hotspot in your city?

As a hotspot ambassador and kickstarter, you will go through free training to gain a better understanding of the Makesense methodologies and the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Philippines. This will lead to the starting of a local Makesense “chapter” in your city (somewhere we aren’t present yet) and you will act as initial leaders of the hotspot. As hotspot kickstarters, you will be seen as the first coordinators and mobilization heads!

Ambassadors lead, coordinate, and sustain their hotspots through various makesense events, campaigns, and projects. They will oversee mobilizations in their city, with the support of the makesense full-time team.

More than any specific skillset, we are most of all looking for individuals passionate about – and who believe in – the power of citizen engagement, community building, and social entrepreneurship!

These are some skills and qualities that would help in becoming a strong makesense ambassador:

  • You’re passionate about social entrepreneurship and want to be part of the change
  • You love learning and are excited to test, share, and learn constantly
  • Managing a project or organizing an event is something you have some level of experience in or is something you’re interested in
  • Have the time, motivation, and commitment for makesense related activities
  • Loves to network and exchange ideas with like-minded people!
  • Possess a sense of ownership to the makesense mission and to their hub
  • Dedicated to sustaining and growing the hub (recruitment)

Do you have what it takes? Sign up below!

For any questions, please email the Country Community Developer, Pepper at patricia@makesense.org.

Signing up as an ambassador or volunteer is VOLUNTARY and not full-time. You will be joining a vibrant community of friendly and passionate individuals in the Philippines and around the world. Makesense Ambassadors and volunteers receive support from the Makesense full-time team through tools, training, networking, and skills development. As with all Makesense ambassadors and volunteers, there will be no monetary compensation.