On December 2017, following our national Social Health Innovation campaign, we offered a free bootcamp to 5 teams of entrepreneurs developing social innovations tackling the health challenges of the Filipino underserved communities. All the teams benefited from a customized support program to launch and adapt their social startups to the needs of their beneficiaries. Discover their projects here!

5 projects were supported during the Health Innovators bootcamp:



A social utility platform offering urgent access to blood supply, and enabling any Filipino to become a Blood Hero of his local community.



A web-based solution for doctors that securely stores patient records on the cloud and helps in managing their practice.


Squeaky Clean Kids

A community of people teaching kids good personal hygiene and care for the environment, and sustained thanks to a livelihood soap-production program.



Project BK  from Keep Hope Alive

A volunteers-based mobile health service for indigenous Mangyan communities, sustained by a “voluntourista” program that offers unique human experiences to visitors.


A community of health providers and artists empowering underserved communities by ensuring access to psychosocial services, for good mental health and well-being.

👨‍⚕😍🤗About last night… It was the Social Innovators for Healthy Community #SenseNight…👨‍⚕😍🤗🎶More than 70 people…

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