Meet our mentors!

Ben Alderson – Founder and CEO, AppSell

Angeli Recella – Chief People Officer, STORM Tech

Maria K. Manalo – Founder and CEO, DezynSpace

Prashant Kala – Country Manager, Shopback

DM Varun – Founder and CEO, SkillBean

Gino Borromeo – VP Strategy Development, SM SuperMalls

Tristan De Belloy – Co-founder and CEO, Quanta Digital

Giovanni Zenteno – Investment Manager, LGTVP 

Weslee Trout – Digital Strategy and Marketing Lead, Denkfabrik Digital

Ruben Chaumont – Founder and CEO, IWC

Ralph Becker – Founder and CEO, UrbanGreens

Esther M. Weigand – Partner Lawyer, Weigand and Partners

and many more…!

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