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At makesense, we’re never alone.

Our work with global communities has proved that collective action is key to unlocking creativity and resiliency. We envision a platform where anyone with a love for social innovation can band together to build, mobilize, and create real impact – wherever they are! We’re also committed to sharing our tools, resources, and the expertise of our network to empower the youth of today in building essential skills to take on tomorrow’s challenges.

Introducing the Makesense Micro-Internship Program, a 1-month engagement designed to help you build real life experience while you contribute for social good! Work alongside the department leads of makesense as as a SenseInnovator supporting events for social innovation.. After the 1-month engagement, you will receive a Certificate of Micro-Internship and will have gained relevant skills as an innovation facilitator.

This is a part-time engagement that you can do in 5 hours a week – all from home. Find the application link below!

Introducing the Makesense Micro-Internship Program, a 1-month engagement opportunity designed to help you build real life experience while you contribute for social good! 


  • ▶︎ Get access to resources, exclusive training, and the chance to work alongside the leads of makesense who will support you as you learn and apply skills on the ground!
  • ▶︎ Join a global network of citizens, entrepreneurs, and organizations building a more resilient and sustainable tomorrow
  • ▶︎ Get the chance to co-build content and programs on social impact – all from home!

We accept applications on a rolling basis. Applications for the first batch close on OCTOBER 9, 6 AM (GMT+8)


  • Currently we are only accepting applications for Senseinnovators. We’re looking for people who love social impact, can set aside at least 5 hours a week for the program, and are interested in joining us as a program facilitator. This program is a great fit if you’re in love with social innovation, have prior experience in online facilitation, and have a knack for engaging people.


Calling people who want to support the creation of social enterprises by helping them build communities around their advocacies and facilitating online events!

  • If you’re in love with social innovation, have prior experience in facilitation, and have a knack for engaging people, join us!

“One of the really cool things I get to do is work towards specific causes that we personally care about. In my case, that’s animal welfare, tech startups, and of course – mental health. The results worldwide from our proven design thinking methodology are remarkable. All these projects I got to do in less than 6 months. I’m here to tell you that the effort in our campaigns are 80% done online – from training, planning, until execution, that’s in person. Crazy, right? But totally doable.”
KL, writer, speaker, co-founder, and Makesense Manila ambassador

Is this a paid position?


This is currently a non-paid position. If you are seeking a paid internship position, please be directed to our Careers Section.

How many hours are we expected to commit in this program?


There aren’t any strict hours we’ll ask you to render, but expect around 5 hours each week spent for online correspondence such as our monthly Zoom call, Facebook/Whatsapp messages, and of course, doing whatever you signed up to do in the program!

Is this a remote work position?


100%! Everything will be done online.

Can I extend beyond 1 month?


Of course! We’d love to have you stick around for as long as we can 🙂 We’ve designed this program for a minimum 1-month engagement, but interns can extend up to 3 months and 5 months if they wish,  and they will also receive the respective rewards after completing each tier.

If you choose to extend beyond 1 month, you will receive, other than your Certificate of Micro-Internship and newfound skills from your department of choice: 1) a Recommendations Note from the makesense leads for a 3-month engagement, and 3) a Recommendation Letter from our Asia Community Developer or Director for a 5-month engagement. Of course, all this and with continued access to our workshops, exclusive trainings, and our global network.

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