Unsung Heroes

Art by Abby Chua
Words by Andy Lopez

New Normal Hugs

Art by Gracey Meneses

Stories by Our Sensereporters

‘Have I Told You I’m An Ally?’: Understanding Performative Activism

Words by Melissa Nava and Neill Padlan/ Edited by Angel Martinez/ Art by Jianine Cerrada

No, nature is not yet healing: What COVID-19 tells us about our environment

Words by Waynnie Melendres/ Art by Hazel Cruz

Teaching in a Time of Discord: Discord as an Alternative Tool for Learning

Art by Piper Berbano/ Words by Keanu Plantilla

A Digital Citizen’s Guide to Battling the Infodemic

Words by Angel Martinez/ Edited by Jyska Kuan Ken/ Art by Andie Poblete

Planting Seeds of Growth: Plight of Filipino Farmers in the Midst of COVID-19 Pandemic

Words by Samantha Evangelista/ Edited by Neill Padlan/ Art by Bea Tronco

Bridging Digital Divide in the time of COVID-19 Pandemic

Words by Neill Padlan/ Art by Gracey Menses

Let’s Discuss Cancel Culture: Why It Inhibits Growth

Words by Isabel Kho, Melissa Nava, and Shannon Matsuda/ Edited by Katherine Go/ Art by Martine Irog

Sadiwa: Manila’s Berry Best

Words by Keanu Plantilla

Rise of Freelancing

Words by Shannon Matsuda/ Edited by Martine Irog/ Art by Ewemiz Insigne

So You Wanna Be An Ally?

Words by Melissa Nava/ Edited by Isabel Kho/ Art by Samantha Evangelista

Navigating the New Normal in E-Commerce: 3 Community Sites to #SupportSmall

Words by Katherine Go/ Edited by Shannon Matsuda/ Art by Gianina Jimenez

Personal Initiatives on How To Keep Living

Written by Jim Dasal, Laura Limsenkhe, and Dona Marabe

Job Hunting in the New Normal: 5 Tips to Land a Job During the Pandemic

Words by Keanu Plantilla/ Edited by Dana Guerrero/ Art by Ryan Vicedo

Before & After: Living in the Age of Pandemic

Words by Keanu Plantilla/ Photography by Jim Dasal and Laura Limsenkhe

Stories That Make Sense: Recommendations from the Sensereporters team

Written By Claire Hernandez