Social Entrepreneurs are builders of a better world. Some problems facing our youth today include:

Lack of skills and education for the underprivileged 
Teenage pregnancy and STD's (lack of sex education)
Family issues affecting kids performance in school
Malnutrition or lack of healthy food
Mental health issues 
Unsure what career path to take
Lack of guidance or mentorship for Millennials 
No jobs for graduates 
Too many students in classrooms

Are you interested in sharing your views or learning about the problems facing our youth in the Philippines (kids from elementary all the way to University)? Do you feel like there are some changes that need to be made in our society, our schools, our policies, our thinking that need to be addressed? Would you like to be involved in a fun discussion of the many problems facing our youth and brainstorm ideas that can alleviate some of these problems? Perhaps you would be inspired to create a sustainable solution that could solve one of them.

Maybe you are a parent, teacher, millennial, student, or someone just generally curious, if so please join us on the 15th March to have a chat and a drink about the issues that our youth are facing right now. 

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