At the occasion of the SenseFiction Day, we invite you on May 26th to join a Worldwide Movement! The Makesense community will mobilize citizens in different cities all around the world to create social entrepreneurship projects during this day!

What is a SenseFiction?
A SenseFiction is a workshop which enables citizens to create their own impact project, focusing on a social or environmental issue that matters to them. 

So if:

You don’t have any idea of a project but want to start one to solve a specific social or environmental issue? 
You have a project idea and you want to challenge it & find people to help you develop it?
You’re simply curious and want to contribute to a positive project and meet people? 

Come and join us on the 26th of May! You can register here:

We are all excited to share ideas and collaborate on impact driven projects through designing your own social start ups! We will provide more details throughout the following days and we would love to see you there! Join the movement!

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