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I want to enable [good] people to be their best selves so they can collaborate with others.

Angeli Recella,
Co-executive Director for Operations

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I want to guide the flow of global capital and resources towards the most good it can do for society and the environment.

Carlos Hechanova
Co-executive Director for Development

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I want to be the catalyst of stories and moments that inspire, empower, and allow people to take action – for their communities, for the country, and for the world.

Vonn Tanchuan
Communications and Studio Director

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I am an artist seeking change and bridging gaps. I want to continue being a creative who can help other artists of change do the same.

Ysa Da Silva
Communications and Brand Manager

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I want health to become truly accessible to all with the right information, services and systems that work effectively for the people who need it most! And to make the public health space more open to participation from the communities it wants to serve. 

Dani Molina
Community Manager

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I want to be compassionate and be able to help those in need

Leanne Gonzales
People Operations Officer

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Photo of Reg, Programs Officer

I want to collaborate with others to create a world where individuals feel safe, loved, and empowered to embrace their most wholehearted selves, fostering a transformative ripple of kindness that inspires them to pass it on and positively impact the lives of others.

Reg Mison
Programs Manager

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I want to provide support to youth leaders who  are passionate about social innovation and impact to help build a better nation grounded on compassion and deliberate action.

Isabelle Sison
Incubation Officer

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Photo of Mia, Communications Officer

I want to amplify the voices of communities through accessible communication, media, and design, towards an inclusive and empowered society.

Mia Salvania
Communications & Media Officer

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Photo of Ally, Programs Officer

I want to inspire and empower individuals, communities, and organizations to embrace sustainable practices, prioritize mental health, and take climate action.

Ally Malvar
Programs Officer

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Photo of Noelle, Impact Sales Specialist

I want to build meaningful partnerships with organizations and open doors for partners to collaborate and be innovative for social impact.

Noelle Amba
Impact Sales Specialist

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Photo of Annika, Sales & Partnerships Officer

To make a small, but certain dent in the world 🌎 (and I’m happy to be doing that here with all of you!)

Annika Bengzon
Sales & Partnerships Officer

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In a world where development is measured in skyscrapers, I want to be part of making everyone feel involved and seen, especially those left behind.

Lec Raymundo
Community Engagement Associate

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