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Plastic SmartCities Innovation Competition

Are you tired of seeing plastic on our beautiful beaches, rivers, and roads?

♻️ Plastic SmartCities Competition! ♻️

WWF, makesense, and Xchange present a social innovation competition that will enable you to create entrepreneurial solutions that address the issue of plastic waste in the Philippines.

Our ambition is to support the development of citizen-led initiatives 🙌

In order to contribute to the following SDGs:

What’s in the program?

1  ▶︎  A 2-day Hackathon to develop your idea in either Manila or Davao

2  ▶︎ An immersion bootcamp that will give you an in-depth understanding of the plastic waste issue you are tackling

3  ▶︎  A 6-week online coaching program to equip your team with the skills to succeed

4  ▶︎  The chance to win a seat at the makesense academy – our flagship incubation program

Who can join?

If you’re:

An entrepreneur with an idea

 Passionate about plastic waste

Or maybe just a little curious?

This competition is open to anyone willing to join the fight against plastic waste 💪


You can enter the competition in one of two ways, depending on what stage you are at:


You haven’t come up with a solution yet?
Or you just have a very simple solution that you want to explore?


You already have a first prototype of the solution
and a team to back you up?

Want to learn more about our program? Check out our FAQs page!

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