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Want to join a dynamic community taking action during this period of confinement?

The re-action program by makesense will guide you to make an immediate impact. Upon signing up, you will be grouped with 10-15 people, and we’ll provide the tools to assess your community needs and propose concrete ideas to support to those who need it most. Through everyday acts of compassion – be it finding transportation for our frontliners, organizing events to make DIY hygiene kits, or even reaching out to people who need mental health support – we can make a real impact.

In week one, you will be accompanied by a makesense coordinator, who will help you support our network of NGOs. Every day, you will receive content and challenges to inspire action.

After you hit the ground running, you can opt into community coordinator training and learn how to coach an incoming team – sparking accelerated change!

We designed this program so you can help out with only 1 hour a day (or less!). Now, imagine the impact we can create collectively?

Your 1 hour today
can impact their lives tomorrow.

Join us today, right from your sofa!

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