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Who will you be today?

Re_action is the fastest-growing citizen-run program to take action, right from home.

Re_Action is back this women’s month!
It’s time for all of us to re_ACT! 💪

Join us for re_action, and with 1 hour a day from home (or less) you, you’ll get to contribute to:

🔬 Supporting women in STEM
🏃🏽‍♀️ Getting more women in SPORTS
⛔️ Reducing VIOLENCE against women

re_action sign-ups for March are now closed!

Concerned citizens, students, teachers, employees, advocates, artists, nurses, entrepreneurs, animal-lovers, coffee enthusiasts – and your crush, probably

It takes one hour a day (or less!) to change the world for good.

Q: Instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media, what would happen if you spent a few minutes each day with a community making real change, right from home?

What if we could give you the tools to make small steps supporting causes you cared about, and multiply that to create a big wave of impact?

(A: it’ll change your life – and the lives of others too.)

No expertise, educational level, or temperature test required to join. Just one hour a day for the world 😉

Multiplying small actions to create BIG impact – our tried & tested formula 🧬

Much More Than Water

A fundraising virtual music fest gathering incredible artists to raise funds for 7,000 beneficiary families who urgently need access to water to protect themselves from COVID-19!

  • A Great Cause Needs a Great Ride

    Or: that one time we borrowed a tank to deliver 75 kilos of relief goods to far flung communities in need. Lockdown? No problem. Our volunteers will find a way.

Art for a Cause

Launched by a group of passionate artist volunteers under re_action, Front Line offers art commissions, where 100% of the proceeds go straight to our NGO partners dedicated to helping frontliners during the COVID-19 pandemic!

“I highly encourage you to join the re_action volunteer program, it gives you a platform to contribute to already existing efforts, and strike the balance between creating impact but also accounting for your current situation.”Yael, Communities Team

“Our volunteer artists are so talented and hardworking, they pour 101% into their art, and without them, Art for a Cause would have lost its purpose. So if you’re considering volunteering (do so) . . . not only are the re_action volunteers very supportive, but you’re also making an impact during the pandemic.” – Rhane, Frontliners Team

“Each and everyone of us has our own ways of helping during this situation. Through the initiative of makesense, you can strengthen your foundation and capacity to make a change and make our world a better place to live in. – Kylle, Mental Health Team

_our community partners

Welcome to the Re_action program, we're so glad to have you onboard!


The Re-action program by makesense will guide you to make an immediate impact. Upon signing up, you will be grouped with 10-15 people, and we’ll provide the tools to assess your community needs and propose concrete ideas to support to those who need it most. Through everyday acts of compassion – be it finding transportation for our frontliners, organizing events to make DIY hygiene kits, or even reaching out to people who need mental health support – we can make a real impact.

What is your role as a volunteer?


• You will be acting to solve fundamental social and environmental issues.
• Volunteer for at least 1 task per week and provide updates on your work to your Supermobilizer
• Learn and collaborate with partner organizations who have been acting on the issues
• After you hit the ground running, you can opt into community coordinator training and learn how to coach an incoming team – sparking accelerated change!

What did we achieve last year?


We designed this program so you can help out with only 1 hour a day (or less!). Now, imagine the impact we can create collectively? Here’s our report from last year!

How do I get started?


• First, sign up through the re_action registration form which will be public on March 3 ONLY! 
• Wait for an email informing you about the kickoff call on March 8, 2021 (Monday) and learn more about makesense and the program.
• During the kick-off call, we will be orienting you of the different tasks you can sign up for. Once you sign up for your first task, you can start working on it
• Be sure to update your supermobilizer throughout the week.
• Attend the celebratory call after 1 week.
• Finally, attend the closing call for the first batch of re_action 2021 volunteers!

What are "Supermobilizers"?


Supermobilizers are the leaders of the volunteer batches. This means they are your main referents and that the will help guide and oversee volunteers. Each supermobilizer will have 10/15 volunteers under them. As a volunteer, you need to provide your supermobilizer weekly updates. If you have any questions, you can also course questions through them. As leaders of each volunteer batches, Supermobilizers will be organizing calls such as the closing call for the their teams.

I missed the Kickoff Call, can I still join the program?


Yes of course! However, be sure to watch the recording of the kickoff call to understand program and your role in it.

Can I choose more than 1 task for the 1 month?


Definitely! We encourage volunteers to chose more than 1 task. More these tasks, you can also opt to learn more methodologies like the brainstorming methodology, webinar organizing, and many more.

If I have a question about makesense, who can I ask?


For questions and anything you might need, feel free to contact your assigned supermobilizer. If not, you can also contact Izzy (Community Officer) at izzy@makesense.org.

I want to organize a webinar


That’s great! We’re glad you’re interested in doing that. Many volunteers have organized webinars last year for the re_action program, such as [link to event] and [link to event]

Everything you need to know about organizing a webinar details in this document: http://bit.ly/makesense_webinar

I want to organize a brainstorming workshop


Cool! We’re glad you’re interested in doing that. Many volunteers have organized Hold Ups last year for the re_action program , such as [link to event] and [link to event]

Everything you need to know about organizing a Hold Up is detailed on this video!

How long do I volunteer for?


The duration of the re_action program is for 1 month. For the whole month, volunteers are to offer 1 hour of their weekdays for their tasks. Don’t worry cause weekends are excluded!

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