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Want to join a dynamic community taking action during this period of confinement?

The re-action program by makesense will guide you to make an immediate impact. Upon signing up, you will be grouped with 10-15 people, and we’ll provide the tools to assess your community needs and propose concrete ideas to support to those who need it most. Through everyday acts of compassion – be it finding transportation for our frontliners, organizing events to make DIY hygiene kits, or even reaching out to people who need mental health support – we can make a real impact. You will be helping us design solutions to solve fundamental issues in water access, electricity and energy, hygiene and sanitation, healthcare, and housing.

In week one, you will be accompanied by a makesense coordinator, who will help you support our network of NGOs. Every day, you will receive content and challenges to inspire action.

After you hit the ground running, you can opt into community coordinator training and learn how to coach an incoming team – sparking accelerated change!

We designed this program so you can help out with only 1 hour a day (or less!). Now, imagine the impact we can create collectively?

“I highly encourage you to join the re_action volunteer program, it gives you a platform to contribute to already existing efforts, and strike the balance between creating impact but also accounting for your current situation.”Yael, from the Communities Team

“Our volunteer artists are so talented and hardworking, they pour 101% into their art, and without them, Art for a Cause would have lost its purpose. So if you’re considering volunteering (do so) . . . not only are the re_action volunteers very supportive, but you’re also making an impact during the pandemic.” – Rhane, from the Frontliners Team

“Each and everyone of us has our own ways of helping during this situation. Through the initiative of makesense, you can strengthen your foundation and capacity to make a change and make our world a better place to live in.” – Kylle, from the Mental Health Team

_How to become a partner NGO

We work with multiple social enterprises, NGOs, and youth organizations in the re_action program. These partner organizations are the beneficiaries of the impact our volunteers create. Our volunteers help with with online tasks such as moderating their Facebook page, facilitating a learning session for children, designing graphics, pooling together in-kind donations, and countless other tasks. Does this sound like tasks our volunteers can help you with?

Join us in creating real impact:

7,215 beneficiaries supported
437,000 php in funds raised
200 people reached out to
initiatives launched
183 volunteers
and counting!)

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